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This development is NOW OPEN for lot reservation and sale.

Please contact us for all additional information, enquiries and concerns. 

We welcome you to schedule a visit or discuss any of your queries with us: 1-592-226-0011

Where is Friendship???

Friendship, is one of the longest villages on the East Bank Demerara situated approximately 18 kilometers (nearly 12 miles) from the capital city, Georgetown. It is home to more than 2,000 families. This number is expected to rise significantly as developers look to acquire and develop new communities.

Friendship is known for its cassava and other cash crop estate and for fisheries production, however over the years, many other industries are moving in to occupy prime water front properties because of the anticipated oil boom. Land development have also taken on new dimension, because of the over population of neighboring villages.

"Building Tomorrow Communities Today Through Pride, Commitment and Core Value".

Introducing "KING'S ESTATE"

A unique blend of exclusive suburban living and sophistication offering residents a rewarding life style of elegance.

Phase 1 - 144 Lots (SOLD OUT)

Phase 1 of this development includes dealing with many squatters and coming to a very amicable solution for many so that they could receive their legitimate titles.

Over 100 lot owners have commence a payment plan and some have initiated a construction schedule.

Phase 2 - 92 Lots (Available)

Phase 2 lots are available to be purchase on terms (payment Plan) starting as low as $50,000 GYD down

Phase 3 - 242 Lots (Available) - KING'S ESTATE Gated Community

Invest in your future - this amazing opportunity awaits you !!! 

For as  low as $50,000 deposit

and as low as $25,000 per month.

Schoonard - West Bank Demerara:

Size:  over 150 lots;  phase 1, 2 & 3

Lot size: 45 x 95, 50 x 100, 60 x 110, 80 x 110

This development consist of over 150 building lot of different sizes. Some of the lots exist in a gated community, while some exist outside.

Financing: Available but limited. Lot Price starts at $6.5 million GY$ 

Contact us for more information.

Republic Gardens - East Bank Demerara:

Size:  over 50 lots; Gated Community

Lot size: 50 x 100, 60 x 110 (others)

This is an existing gated community with many infill lots available.  Nestle just behind the Princess Ramada Hotel on the East bank of Demerara.

Financing: Available but limited. Lot price
starts at $8.5 million GY$

Contact us for more information.

Mahaicony Gardens  - East Coast Demerara:

Size:  over 100 lots;  phase 1, 2 & 3

Lot size: 40 x 90, 50 x 100, 60 x 100

Slated to be a gated community, this development is still in its infancy so the lots
are reasonably price.

Financing: Available but limited. Lot price

starts at $2.5 million GY$

Contact us for more information.

Friendship Development Model (02).png


144 Lots


92 Lots


242 Lots


  • 40 x 100 - $3,500,000 GYD (Sold Out)

  • 50 x 100 - $4,500,000 GYD (Sold Out)

   Available on payment plan.

  • Deposit is $225,000 GYD

  • Monthly payment is $25,000 per
    month (minimum)


  • 40 x 110 - $3,520,000 GYD 

  • 50 x 100 - $4,000,000 GYD

  • 60 x 110 - $5,280,000 GYD

  • 70 x 110 - $6,160,000 GYD

  • 80 x 110 - $7,040,000 GYD

Available on payment plan.

  • Deposit is from $50,000 GYD

  • Monthly payment is from $25,000 per mth.

Land Titles can be obtain once one third of the purchase price is paid.

We welcome you to become part of an elegant and sophisticated  gated community!!!

Our aim is to offer you the opportunity to enjoy a very unique blend of exclusive suburban living, with a touch of sophistication and elegance.  We only live once, so why not experience the joy of a rewarding life style, living in a state of the art development.

We understand that everyone's taste for luxury is different and while each home in this community will have its own luxurious features, the community itself come with some awesome features and amenities. This includes twenty four hours security entrances and CCTV cameras, recreation parks with kids play grounds, professional landscaping with palm trees, flowers, shrubs and a lust green lawn all year round. Walking trails and bike paths etc..

"Experience a new way of living - this is where you want to be".


  • 40 x 110 - $4,400,000 GYD 

  • 50 x 100 - $5,000,000 GYD 

  • 60 x 110 - $6,600,000 GYD

  • 70 x 110 - $7,700,000 GYD

  • 80 x 110 - $8,800,000 GYD

  • Other sizes also available

King's Estate Objectives
Our primary objective is to introduce a new quality of living to our customers in Guyana. Kings Estate Development is envisioned, not only to be an exclusive residential community, but also one that will
provide a luxurious environment parallel

to the elegance and charm of a North American Gated Community.

Welcome aboard!!!

We are pleased to offer you this new

and luxurious community develop with you in mind

We, Will Build For You As Well

We have dozens of exclusive home designs and styles to choose from. Each one can be constructed with your needs in mind.

We encourage you to explore further and to contact us if you are interested in building a good quality home or if you have any questions or queries.















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