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Buy land parcels now for a low deposit and as low as $50.00 US per month.

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I grew up in the country, which is probably why I'm so attached to the land.

I love it. I love the lay of the land. I love walking the land. And I love knowing that it's my land.                                                                         Oprah Winfrey

SMS Realty and Development (Aabbie Realty) have access to Land Development Companies selling land in Guyana and the Caribbean. With offers like Little or No Money down, No Credit Checks and Owner Financing, you can now easily own your own piece of paradise. Contact us for a list of Land Parcel Deals

Land Parcels For Sale


Plan 390, Part 4, Mahaica. Guy.

Lot Size:1/2 acre

Price: SOLD

Land use for development - Building lot​


PROPERTY 7567- East Bank - DEM
Part 2, Plan 136, Eccles Guy.

Lot Size: 200 acres (Sub-Division) -

Land Banking

Price: SOLD


Land Development in Guyana:

The landscape is changing in terms of real estate investments, especially land ownership. There are several players in the market offering some very attractive deals.

If you are overseas, you may not be able to have access to these properties fast enough but now we can help you with that. The truth is, many of these deals are quite suitable for overseas investors as they often offer low monthly payments, sometimes interest free.

One of our main goals is to make the dream of land ownership a reality by accessing and offering quality properties at affordable and fair market value. We have a wide selection of country acreages and many building lots for sale.

View our listings to find a parcel of land that meets your specific need. Whether it be a building lot or a recreational track, you will find it here.​​​


Part 13, Plan 680, Mahaica. Guy.

Lot Size: 30 acres

Price: SOLD

Buy land parcels now for a low deposit and as low as $50.00 US per month.

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PROPERTY 7274 (Essequibo)
Part 5, Plan 136, Anna Regina. Guy.

Lot Size: 100 acres

Price: SOLD


Part 2, Plan 50 Part, Bush Lot. Guy.

15 acre - Rice Farm

Price: SOLD

Why you should Land Bank?

There are a few land developing companies, including Aabbie Realty, that now operate formal land banking programs across the country.

While Land Banks are most often associated with communities with large-scale development, most of the local companies now see the real benefit of offering small investors the opportunity to own land through small monthly payments.

We believe that everyone overseas should own land in their country of origin because Land Banking is a great way to park cash in a tangible, long-term investment while watching their equity grow.

Our team is in place countrywide to handle all the paper work and processing for you.

Do you have a piece of land to sell and want to get top dollar for it? Land banking may be the way to go.Contact us and let us sell it to overseas buyers.

If it is not sold,

we may also buy it at a fair market value.

Land Banking and Development Joint Ventures?

It is no secret that land is the most fundamental building block of any real estate development. Without it, no other structure could be erected. However, there is always a fragmentation that exists between land owners who don’t know how to develop their property or don’t want to and developers who seek to purchase land at the cheapest price only to turn it over with huge returns.

To bridge the gap between owners and developers, a joint venture between a land owner and a developer can create a win-win solution for both parties, thereby creating equitable returns for both parties. The roles of each party are usually very simple. The land owner contributes land while the developer is responsible for executing the development from start to finish.

Why sit on a property when you can develop it, sell it and buy more. Image if you could have just 100 parcels of land paying you $100 US per month ($10,000 US per month) for the next 20-25 years. Not bad Right. Aabbie Realty is committed to teaching as many people as possible how to turn this little secret into a full time job. as so many worldwide have been doing this for many  centuries. Now you can too!!!

So if you are a land owner and are sitting on some idle land, or if you know someone who does, we would like to hear from you. We have the Staff and resources to create and execute viable land banking joint ventures. Contact us for more information

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