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Asset Management

Who We Are 

SMS Realty and Development offers Real Estate Asset Management Services to customers who prefer hands-off investment. We are the first company to introduce this concept in South America, a concept that has operated within the United States for some 50+ years and across Europe for over 100 years. Our services are designed to provide our customers' unique investment options in the real estate sector, with safe secure and lucrative returns.

Our investment strategies are simply a way of organizing and financing the delivery of real estate services to our customers and investors who otherwise would be unable to participate in the real estate arena.

Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced investor, you are almost certain to experience the real estate boom that is happening in Guyana right now. Our Asset Management Program assists you in taking advantage of the many real estate opportunities that are sure to come your way in the near future.

Welcome to Our Asset Management
Real Estate Network

Where we provide our members direct access to real estate opportunities within our network while ensuring that their personal interest is represented and satisfied. We continue to build a successful network locally and internationally while demonstrating that we understand the needs of our members.

Create long term financial independence and freedom with us​​

Earn as much as 18% or more per annum

Building Wealth Using our Pre-Paid Plans

One of the first steps of creating wealth in real estate is knowing where to invest while having a support system in place to preserve your capital. Understanding the complexity of real estate investing can be overwhelming, especially for those with very little to invest.

Our Management Plans make it easier for anyone to get started and keep growing knowing that you have all the support whenever you need it.

For an affordable monthly amount, you can create start creating the future you dreamt of. 

Let one of our Representative help you

find the best plan for you

Why Not Make Our Asset Management Opportunity Your Business Success

We have the Model for Success

We are committed to assisting our members to improve their financial wellbeing by providing professional guidance, assistance and an innovative wealth building system. Our aim is to help every customer improve their financial situation through real estate investment and a lucrative Business Opportunity.

Our Business Opportunity

SMS Realty and Development is more than just a solution to meeting your real estate investment needs. Our Asset Management Program offers a very unique business opportunity that can give you the freedom and independence you’ve been looking for.

If you’re seeking a fulfilling career that can give you the financial and time freedom you’ve been dreaming of, then our Pre-Paid Real Estate Service Plans may just be the opportunity for you.

We are in the business of helping people from all walks of life who want to live their dreams on their own terms. If you like helping others and can show them a better future, then yours will be bright too.

You will feel great doing what we do and get paid well to do it. Best of all, you will never have to jeopardize your integrity and honesty. e will teach you how money works in the real estate industry, and how you could get your hard earn money working for you, giving you access to unlimited income potential.

You don’t need a master's degree to start with us. All you need is a burning desire and a willingness to put in some hard work and help yourself first. You don’t need any large capital investment or any inventory to maintain to build a business here. Your market is unrestricted - with a global reach. Whether part-time or full-time, you make that decision.

This is a turnkey system that will help you learn and succeed in business and investment. It doesn’t matter whether you want to earn a little extra money part-time or start a business, our Pre-Paid Business Opportunity offers you the freedom to make your own choices and decisions.

The Real Estate industry is one of the largest businesses in the world, and we have created a great business opportunity for people from all walks of life to achieve their dreams. Make a decision to become a business owner while having the support of a great network.

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