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It's Your City. Invest In It.

Rentals Opportunies
Professional Management
and Monitoring

Your property is a valuable investment that appreciates in value when it is properly managed and maintained even while it is being rented. Our professional rental service helps you towards this goal.

Services Includes:

  • Property Monitoring - Security - Camera

  • Lawn Care - Landscaping - Tree removal

  • Leasing - Collection - Deposit - Mortgage

  • Repairs - In & Out - Retrofitted - Paint

  • Garbage Removal and Disposal

  • Pressure Washing - Exterior - Windows

  • Equipment Maintenance - Sale

  • Estate and Household Item Sale - Auction

  • Pest Control - Termites (Wood Ants)

  • Septic & Well Maintenance

  • Electrical and Plumbing Maintenance

  • Grocery Shopping - Stocking Fridge

  • Hassle Airport Pick-up - Return 

  • Temporary Boarding and Lodging

Need us to do something for you with your property, why wait? Contact us and we will try our best to facilitate your request.

If you ever wondered how to care for your home while you’re away for an extended period of time. Now you can breathe easy and have no fear about the ongoing upkeep and management of your most valuable assets while you're away.

Whether it is your principal or second home, or your investment property or just your  "let's hang out in Guyana" home, the last thing you would need to worry about is - what’s happening at your property?

Weather it's a leaky roof, yard maintenance or just a monthly check-up, we are are here for you. It is no secret that overseas owners can notice the disaster ahead but preventing it can sometimes be extremely difficult and expensive.

With Aabbie Realty management at your side, you can afford to release that stress, knowing that an experience and reliable property manager is here to ensure that disasters are avoided and your investment is well protected and maintained.

Most Viewed Homes
Find Your
Investment Property 

We work with our clients to take advantage of emerging real estate opportunities in the region while providing them with proper risk management and key impediment advices.

Start acquiring your asset today

We give you an opportunity to enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that your property is safe and secure while benefiting from our affordable and reliable services.

We only employ passionate, skilled and experienced people and with this

combination, have built the country leading property management company.

Caring for your investment is our only priority. Some may called it going above and beyond.

We call it simply doing what we do.

Aabbie Reality has built our business by caring for our residents and clients and treating them with the respect they deserves. Our approach has generated loyalty from hundreds of owners, landlords and investors who entrust their properties to us.

It doesn’t matter whether your buildings are large or small, we provide the same unsurpassed service you deserves.


We are here to help you find the best investment property available in the country

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